movin all around

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Meenah by ~HaggyLagman

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i got a rly big urge to sketch a few hours ago and liked the jadefef stuff i sketched so i’m posting the wips as is

idk if i’ll actually get to finish these but fingers crossed

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I am a butt scientist. An asstronomer if you will.

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"my son"

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my cute freckled babies

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Hah, the smile is obscured by the lines. Now, no one can see Dirk’s smile—no, wait, I can see it, the implied ends—yeah, nevermind.

I’ll have you know that I had the previous intentions of just making Jade and then yeah.

First time drawing them all together. Hell yeah.

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oh my god I never noticed he was sitting on a book oh my god

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so everyone always loves to make ‘half eridan’ jokes but why does no one talk about how feferi got cut in half too

i guess they only got
half the story


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Intuitive sources say Angel Aura Quartz helps bring one into the higher realms in meditation, facilitating conscious contact with angels, spirit guides and inner realm teachers. It is said to assist one in communing with Angels, accessing the Akashic records, channeling higher knowledge, remembering past lives and gaining insight into one’s spiritual mission in this lifetime.

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"I like my coffee how I like myself: Dark, bitter, and too hot for you."

—(via metaloverx)

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i began by saying “yo” sarcastically, now it’s how i start half of my sentences 

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what happened in 1915

we don’t talk about 1915

at least they eventually realised they should start filling the bottles with coke 

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Wind Dragon(Basic Version) by antilous (DeviantArt)

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she looks cute in leg warmers///

shes cute anyways/////